Zhaneirie ‘ZEE’ Brand Identity Design

Zhaneirie ‘ZEE’ Brand Identity Design

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Zhaneirie Maison Creative Interview

I was asked by Zhaneirie to create a logo for her personal brand “ZEE”.

Zhaneirie or ZEE is the alias of writer, actress, puppeteer and fashion blogger Makeda Bawn. Zhaneirie is a combination of the words Zhane ( meaning Gift of God ) and Irie ( meaning happy and positivity in Jamaican creole).

Makeda Bawn is a photographer, writer, poet, actress, advocate, videographer, social media content creator and production coordinator. She currently attends the University of Technology pursuing her Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Technology. She hopes to one day be added to the history books for her future contributions in Photography, Journalism and Film production. Source: zhaneirie.journoportfolio.com


Makeda Bawn, Zhaneirie

Project Date

October, 2020

Tools used

Photoshop, Illustrator

Project Type

Logo Design, Brand Identity