Lights, Camera: REAL LIFE Podcast Branding

Lights, Camera: REAL LIFE Podcast Branding

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Philip Clarke Personal Logo

I was asked by Philip Clarke to design the logo and cover art for his podcast and Instagram Live show, “Lights, Camera: REAL LIFE”.

“The lights come up, the camera focuses- you are somewhere in between and the reality of your life is on show. We feel compelled to put on a show and give a pleasing performance all the time. On the stage of life sometimes, is filled with some award winning performances that most will never get to see onstage. Sometimes not all of our stories are all glamour.

Join Philip Clarke as he unearths the many roles of actors, teachers, singers, artists, lawyers, writers and much more as they share their journey and the lessons learned on that journey on Lights, Camera: Real Life!” -Philip Clarke


Philip Clarke

Project Date

November 2020

Tools used

Photoshop, Illustrator

Project Type

Logo Design