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Meet Jeffsum Ipsum, The Best Lorem Ipsum Alternative?

Lorem ipsum dolor est…

We all know this common phrase. A line of dummy text made up of incoherent Latin gibberish frequently used by designers and developers as placeholder text in their projects. Lorem ipsum is so popular that even non-designers know what it is, and when something gets that famous, it becomes just as overused. As a part of my journey to find alternatives for the infamous lorem ipsum, I’ve tried several options such as Catsum Ipsum, and Hipster Ipsum.

Jeffsum Ipsum landing page
Jeffsum Ipsum landing page

Introducing Jeffsum Ipsum

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one that read like an original sentence and was practical rather than gimmicky. That’s where Jeffum Ipsum comes in. It’s a pretty straightforward tool based around a straightforward shtick; sharing the Jeff Goldblum awesomeness with the world, one mockup at a time. Jeffsum Ipsum’s creator is Seán Halpin, a designer and creator of other web applications like browso.app.

How to use Jeffsum Ipsum

To use the tool, just enter the number of paragraphs you want and hit “receive the Jeff” to generate your copy. The best part is that the text is in English and makes it a lot easier for clients to understand that it is just placeholder and not try to decipher what Lorem Ipsum means.

Jeffsum Ipsum text generator

Will it replace Lorem Ipsum?

It probably won’t catch on like Lorem Ipsum anytime soon, but, I know I will be using this tool a lot in my current and upcoming projects. Try it out for yourself! I’m sure you will find it just as awesome. Try Jeffsum Ipsum here

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Other Lorem Ipsum alternatives to try

  1. Cupcake Ipsum – Cupcake themed gibberish
  2. Pirateipsum – Pirate themed gibberish
  3. Hipster Ipsum – Hipster themed gibberish
  4. Office Ipsum – Office themed gibberish
  5. Catsum Ipsum – Cat-themed gibberish
  6. Legal Ipsum – Legal themed gibberish

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