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26 Jamaican Creatives You Should Be Following In 2020

This blog post lists 26 of the most talented Jamaican creatives that I follow in 2020 and I believe you should be following as well.

This year I got the opportunity to interact with some of the most unique and talented Jamaican creatives in industries ranging from photography to 3D illustration. I not only felt a sense of national pride seeing my fellow Jamaicans produce such a high calibre of work but a surge of inspiration to keep honing my craft.

I hope this collection of Jamaican creatives serves as inspiration for younger Caribbean artists that suffer from imposter syndrome and inspire them to produce the best work that they can be proud of.

I organised them by category the majority of their work falls under and I included a link to their social media accounts that you can access by clicking their names.

Jamaican Graphic Designers

jamaican  graphic designerrs
  • Kluster Inc. – Jamaican Brand Identity Designer that specialises in minimal logos and illustrations.
  • Deangelo.jpeg – Jamaican Graphic Designer that specialises in sports designs and photography.
  • Justyne Paton – Jamaican Brand Identity Designer.

Jamaican Web Designers

jamaican Web designers

Jamaican UX/UI Designers

jamaican UX/UI designers

Jamaican Illustrators

jamaican Illustrators

Jamaican Cinematographers

jamaican creatives
  • DONE Films – Jamaican Videographer that produces short films and documentaries that cover topics like HIV/AIDs and student experiences overseas.
  • Dezignr Studios – Small Jamaican video studio that specialises in music videos and lyric videos.

Jamaican Photographers

jamaican creatives

Jamaican Writers

jamaican creatives
  • Zhaneirie Jamaican writer and journalist that covers topics related to the entertainment industry.
  • Melissa Talbert – Jamaican writer that covers topics related to pop-culture like esports and tabletop gaming.

Jamaican Podcast Hosts

jamaican creatives
  • Nasantah’s Reel – Jamaican podcast that covers topics related to her personal journey as a Christian woman in the modern world.
  • Lights, Camera: REAL LIFE – A podcast hosted by Jamaican award-winning actor and performance coach Philip Clarke where he interviews different Jamaican artists and personalities.
  • Creative Couch Ja. – Creative Couchja is a Jamaican web series aiming to expose talented individuals and entrepreneurs who are making waves in their fields.

As a Jamaican creative, I not only like to share my work but also to provide a platform where I can showcase some other Jamaicans who may not have the same web presence. Be sure to give them a follow and let them I sent you ๐Ÿ˜.

Are you a fellow creative and want to connect? You can follow me on Instagram at @manedesignja and on Facebook at manedesignja.

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