Reviews » HappyFiles Pro Unlimited Review (2021): The Best Media Library Manager for WordPress

HappyFiles Pro Unlimited Review (2021): The Best Media Library Manager for WordPress

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This is a follow-up post to my BulkPress review and how it improved my productivity as a WordPress developer. Because of how well that post did, I decided to do another review of a WordPress productivity tool. Happyfiles is a plugin I believe will redefine how we manage our WordPress media libraries heading into 2021. I recently bought their pro unlimited plan and wanted to give my opinions on their (now) highest tier of features.

Disclaimer: I was not paid by the developer to review this product. I bought this with my own money and wanted to share my thoughts on this plugin.

What is HappyFiles?

Happyfiles is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to organize your WordPress media library with a drag-and-drop interface. The plugin creates a file explorer-like interface in your media library and introduces folders where you can store your files. Additionally, the pro version of the plugin also works with posts, pages and custom post types.

For example, you can create folders for your portfolio items, blog thumbnails, stock photos which makes everything easier to find.

HappyFiles plugin page on the WordPress repository

Who is HappyFiles for?

HappyFiles is the perfect plugin for WordPress users that need an easy way to manage all their media files. I use HappyFiles as a freelance graphic designer to organise my portfolio into a parent folder with sub-folders. Additionally, I can separate project files by media types like videos, images and documents.

Of course, you can do much more with the Happyfiles plugin but that’s how I use it in my business.

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HappyFiles features

Before looking at the pro features, it is very important to cover the free features and how they help you as a WordPress user.

Fast media management

I wouldn’t even recommend this plugin if it wasn’t fast. There is zero lag when jumping between folders and the media library refreshes quickly.

Import folders created by other media plugins

No more setting up everything from scratch when switching media folder plugins. HappyFiles can import your previous set up from plugins like Wicked Folders and Filebird.

I hate downloading extra plugins, especially gallery plugins. Happyfiles comes with a built-in gallery block to create beautiful photo galleries on your pages or posts. The above gallery was created using HappyFiles and if you want to see the full project, click this link.

Drag and Drop interface

Seriously, once you’ve used this feature, it’s hard to go back to the default media library. It’s buttery smooth, man.

Works with your favourite page builder

Elementor, Oxygen, DIVI, Gutenberg, Visual Composer (🤢), Brizy and Beaver Builder all work with HappyFiles. I’m using Gutenberg on this blog right now, and the integration is seamless.

Role Manager

Give editing abilities to specific user roles. Do you have a specific structure and afraid the new intern might muck everything up? No worries, HappyFiles allows you to delegate who can modify your folders.

Right-click context menu

Right-click on any of your created folders to create, rename or delete it (your media files won’t get deleted). In addition to this feature, you can also right-click on a media item to see what folder they’re assigned to.

Create and assign multiple folders

Choose to assign your files to multiple folders. You can create multiple folders at once by using a comma.

For example, entering “blog, thumbnails, logos” will create separate folders with the names “blog”, “thumbnails” and “logos”.

HappyFiles Pro

HappyFiles basic is completely free to use on your WordPress websites. Still, it is limited in the number of folders and some quality-of-life improvements that are in the paid tiers. HappyFiles pro comes in three payment tiers. In fact, all the tiers are one-time payments. Prices start at $25 all the way to $79 for their Pro (UNLIMITED) plan. There’s a 25% discount going on right now which drops the prices to $19 and $59 respectfully.

Happyfiles pro pricing
HappyFiles Pro pricing table. The basic version is free.

Pro Features

Unlimited Folders

I needed waayyy more than 10 folders 😅

The biggest limitation with the free version is that you are limited to only 10 folders. This might be enough for small websites, but on larger blogs, that gets used up almost instantly. Surprisingly, all three tiers of the pro version come with unlimited folders. I really appreciate the designer not restricting this feature by how much you pay.

One-click updates

The Pro version is not on the repository, so you have to download and manually upload it to your website. If you only have one site then this feature isn’t a must-have, but freelancers and agencies will appreciate this. The one-click feature completely skips the process and allows you to automatically update your plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Keep in mind that your license needs to be activated for the feature to work.

Whitelist/Blacklist Websites

HappyFiles Pro allows you to restrict one-click plugin updates to specific sites by white or blacklisting them directly from your account.

Organise All Your Post Types

The free version only works with media files. The limitation is fine for most users, but the pro version supports even more formats. Upgrading to Happyfiles pro provides support for categories, posts, pages, custom post types, WooCommerce products and more.

SVG Support

Like I mentioned before, I hate adding extra plugins to my WordPress site. Sadly, WordPress decided that it won’t allow users to upload SVGs due to security issues. This means that I had to download another plugin called “Safe SVG” installed for this feature.

HappyFiles Pro allows users to upload SVG files, sanitizes them and enables previews in the media library. I live by the philosophy, “the fewer plugins, the better” so this feature being built-in is super awesome. If you use a lot of SVGs on your websites, be sure to enable this feature from the settings.

Should you get the pro version?

Tl;dr YES!

Long answer:

The pro version of the HappyFiles WordPress plugin is a must-have for anyone who runs a content-heavy blog or website. HappyFiles is one of those plugins that only come around once every few years. This plugin was a great investment and I don’t ever see myself using the vanilla library. The version you choose is ultimately up to you, but the Ultimate plan, in my experience is an unbelievable value. I use Happyfiles pro on my clients’ websites, and they’re always telling me how easy the drag and drop interface is. My clients are often WordPress casuals so if they love it, then it must be good.

Thank you Happyfiles on behalf of all my customers.

What’s next for Happyfiles?

The developer is actively maintaining the plugin with a public roadmap that covers planned features and updates. If you want to see certain features then you can add your own ideas that other customers can vote on.

HappyFiles Tutorial

HappyFiles WordPress tutorial

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