Case Studies » Case Study 1: Buzzz Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine

Case Study 1: Buzzz Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine

Buzzz Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine is a publication dedicated to presenting topics of relevance and delight to Caribbean people of all ages at home and abroad. It is a bi-monthly publication (printed every two months). Our focus is on everything lifestyles such as Entertainment (Caribbean music, art, theatre, film, sports, social activities), Sex and Relationships, Business and Finance and upcoming events, Travel, People and cultures, Cuisine, and other major themes that reflect the magazine’s diverse scope.


Buzzz Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine’s aim is to improve the magazine’s online platform. Buzzz wants readers to enjoy their stories on-demand and share them on social media. I worked with Buzzz as an intern for my final year studies at the University of Technology, Jamaica. (read my top 3 graphic design schools in Jamaica). My job was to give their website a redesign, improve load times and use SEO best practices to rank higher on Google.

Target Audiences

Buzzz Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine’s target audiences are readers who love the Caribbean and want to keep up to date with topics like food, fashion and entertainment. 

website redesign buzzz caribbean lifestyle

The Problem

The old website did not perform to 2020 standards and was in need of a serious refresh and speed increase. As a news publication, your website has to meet 2 important requirements. The content must be accessible and the content has to load fast!

The team at Buzzz Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine hated the old look of their website and said it was lacking compared to their competition. The navigation bar wasn’t functional and had text overlap issues. The images were slow loading and used outdated plugins. Their SEO implementation was non-existent and a lot of articles were not set-up to handle AMP.

The old website look

The Solution

Improve the user experience

  • I changed the font to serif and changed the font-size 20px for easier reading.
  • I added responsive navigation at different breakpoints to improve user experience.
  • Prominent social media links on the navigation and footer for easy sharing.
  • I added alt tags to every image on the website to make it easier for screen readers to interpret.
  • I made the home page focus on popular categories and reduced reliance on the search bar to find content.
  • I added AMP to make pages load even faster on mobile devices running on 3g networks.
  • I added Buzzz Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine to Google news so readers can access content from the news aggregator.

Speed Optimization

  • I removed all old themes that were no longer used and switched to a lighter theme.
  • I used Swift performance lite to optimize the website speed by caching static pages.
  • I optimized databases to remove leftovers from previous plugins.
  • I removed unused images from the media library to free up space on the server.
  • I minimized CSS, HTML, and Javascript files for faster content delivery. (No CDN)
  • I switched from the slow, bulky, clunky, dinosaur known as WPBakery to Gutenberg blocks.
  • I compressed large images to reduce page size and improve load times.

I got the site speed down to 1.7 seconds when accessed from Canada and 629ms when accessed from the United States.

GT Metrix Score
Pingdom tools score


Since Buzzz is a magazine, they needed to attract readers to their website. I didn’t use any paid tools for SEO except for my knowledge and Rank Math. I improved Buzzz’s SEO ranking on the web and got them to the first page of Google for certain keywords.

Here’s an example of what I’ve managed. I got Buzzz from the 3rd page of Google for Marlon Samuel’s new cologne “sextillion” to #2 on the first page.

The Result

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